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13 Must-Do Items In The College Football Recruiting Process

Here is a 13-step guide to help you with your college football recruiting process.  The landscape for college football recruiting is becoming much more competitive and much more complex, so it is very important to know you or your student-athlete should approach this often-crazy process. 

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Top D-1 Schools That Sign JUCO Transfers

Division 1 schools often look to the junior college (JUCO) ranks to fill their personnel gaps with impact players.  JUCO transfer athletes are typically disciplined contributors on the field due to the level of accountability that they had to place on themselves in order to advance beyond the JUCO ranks. 💯

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Didn't Receive An Offer? You Can Still Attend Your Dream School...Walk-On

Many players ask us if its possible for them to play their sport of choice in college without a scholarship.  The short answer is YES YOU CAN.  Most college teams allow athletes to "walk-on" to their teams.  Walking-on means you are a non-scholarship player who wants to try out for the team.🚶

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10 Things Every Middle School Student Should Do Before High School

Transitioning from middle school to high school can many times seem scary.  Taking the proper steps to prepare for your transition by gather as much information as possible can often times help remove fear due to you feeling more prepared.  Start your transition process early and walk into your first day of high school with an edge.  Here are some tips on how to show up Freshman and dominate.  😤 

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Want To Transfer Schools? Guide to Understanding NCAA Transfer Rules

We wrote this guide to give you information on NCAA Transfer rules.  This guide breaks down the process a transfer must go through if he/she wants to change schools.  It will help you with determining eligibility of transfer athletes.  There are complex transfer rules for student athletes and this guide will give you insight on how to navigate that process.  

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Dynamic Warmup To Do Before Every Workout

A dynamic warm-up is a method used for stretching when you are moving as you stretch. For a long while, stationary or static stretching, requiring holding a stretch for 10 or more seconds while motionless, was the way that most athletes warmed up before jumping into rigorous exercise.

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📈 Sacramento Is An Untapped Football Hotbed - Lem Adams of Game-Fit Training Session 🏈