10 Things Every Middle School Student Should Do Before High School

Transitioning from middle school to high school can many times seem scary.  Taking the proper steps to prepare for your transition by gathering as much information as possible will help remove fear due to you feeling more prepared.  Start your transition process early and walk into your first day of high school with an edge.  

Here are some tips on how to show up Freshman year and dominate.  😤 

  1. You need to understand how high school credits work and how many credits you are required to earn.  Talk to the administrators at the schools you would like to attend, and understand the school's requirements.  
  2. Learn to relax, learn to breathe—really. Take moments to slow down and think about what you want to accomplish while taking slow deep breaths to relax - it will help you destress.  Also, know the name of at least one adult at your school that you can ask for help.
  3. Make sure to explore student organizations, athletics, band, choir and other extra-curricular activities that exist at your potential school.  This will help you make connections at your school, while developing a supportive group of friends with similar interests.  This will also help improve your leadership skills, and start building a resume for your future college applications.
  4. Pay attention!  Keep an eye on upcoming events, grading periods, and announcements.  Make sure to write important dates in your calendar or planner. Find out where important stuff is posted in your school.  Is there a text list or an email blast? Are things posted on your school's website?  Do you know your administrators schedule?
  5. Get involved in summer camps or orientation sessions offered at the high school. You will develop an edge if you learn as much as possible about the high school ahead of time.
  6. If possible, try to coaches, teachers, counselors, and the principal BEFORE school starts. If possible, find out in advance their attendance, grading, and tardy policies.
  7. Find out if you have any friends with older siblings that may know about your future school.  Chances are good other people know a little and can share with you their experiences.
  8. It's important to make a plan for what you want to do after high school.  Know what you are working towards. Write out a four-year plan. Ask questions if you don’t understand.
  9. Look for help! Seek extra help, especially tutoring to give you a continued edge with your academics.
  10. Remember, you are not the only person nervous about high school. Find a good group, stick together, and you’ll find out that high school is not as scary as you once thought.

If you learn your way around in advance, you’ll feel more confident about high school, and the transition will be a smooth one. Start your planning early. 👍

📚 Here is a timeline guide post to help you get ready:

By December 20th (in 8th grade), Ask about … (examples: four-year plan, credits, how to locate a map of the school, etc.) 

By April Fool’s Day (in 8th grade), Learn about … (examples: orientation, Frosh camp, summer camps for math/science, etc.) 

By June 1 (after 8th grade), Plan to do the following… (examples: ask an older friend to give me advice about what they wish they had known before high school, introduce myself to a high school counselor, etc.)

Good luck!

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