Dynamic Warmup To Do Before Every Workout


A dynamic warm-up is a method used for stretching when you are moving as you stretch. For a long while, stationary or static stretching, requiring holding a stretch for 10 or more seconds while motionless, was the way that most athletes warmed up before jumping into rigorous exercise.

Dynamic Stretching is better as the core of your warm-up routine for multiple reasons: 

  • It activates muscles you will use in your sporting exercise
  • Dynamic stretching improves your muscle range of motion 
  • Dynamic stretches help improve your body awareness
  • The warming up in motion increases muscular performance and power

Try this Dynamic Warmup before your next practice or workout

Jog 3-5 minutes

Speed Improvement Drills (SID’s):

  • Stationary Arm Swings 2 x 20 sec
  • High Knees 2 x 20 yds
  • Butt Kicks 2 x 20 yds
  • Lateral Shuffle 2 x 20 yds Carioca 2 x 20 yds
  • Backpedal 2 x 20 yds

Dynamic Flexibility:

  • Walking Angled Lunges 1 x 20 yds
  • Backward Angled Lunges 1 x 20 yds
  • Walking Knee Hugs 1 x 20 yds
  • Walking Quad Pulls 1 x 20 yds
  • Inch Worm 1 x 20 yds
  • Walking High Kick Toe Touches 1 x 20 yds
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