Your In-Season Workout Is Just As Important As Your Off-Season Workout 💪🏈

We as athletes forget that the in-season workout is just as important as, if not more important than, the off-season workout.  During the off-season, we put ourselves through intense punishing, enduring insane workout sessions, in an effort to get bigger, faster, and stronger.  

We show up to training camp ready for world domination...but many of us stop training as hard during the season, leading us to being out of shape by the end of the season, and more susceptible to injury.  If you drive your car more, you must change your oil more often; otherwise you car will break down.  To apply the analogy, our bodies are the same way in that we must fine tune and condition our muscles even more during the season; otherwise our bodies will break down.  We are putting our bodies through more during the grueling in-season competition, and we should train accordingly.   

Top Notch Training (TNT) Facility in San Dimas, CA has a phenomal in-season training program for football players, affectionately known as #LITSZN.  Top youth and high school athletes from all over Southern California check in on Sunday afternoons for their conditioning, technique, and musclular tune-up.  Each week, athletes go through a series of circuit training workouts in the facility prior to heading to the field for some position work with top position coaches from the local area.  Athletes have trained in-season at the collegiate and professional level for years, but for whatever reason this habit hasn't trickled down to the high school and youth levels.  

Coach Cip at TNT Facility really understands how to develop well-rounded athletes, and therefore he created the #LITSZN program a couple years ago to benefit football players in the area. You can find 40-50 student athletes in attendance on a given Sunday still working to get better and fine tune their weaknesses.  TNT has some of the best training machines in the area, including the old-school "SuperCat" machine and the new-age Vertimax Raptor and jump trainers.  If you are looking for a solid in-season program drop in on TNT and check them out.  

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