๐Ÿ“ˆ Sacramento Is An Untapped Football Hotbed - Lem Adams of Game-Fit Training Session ๐Ÿˆ

As I pull up to Hagginwood Park on Sacramento's north side, I'm unsure if I'm at the correct location.  After double-checking a text, I confirm that I am at the right spot, but uncertainty remains as I step out of my car and walk past an erratic man under the complete influence of something other than alcohol. He yells obscenities at me as I pass by, but I keep my cool and my pace. After a few steps, I see a secluded field area up ahead with a group of young men on the ground stretching...my reservations subside as I realize I'm going to the right place.  

As I walk up to the group, I'm met by Lem Adams of Game-Fit with a huge welcoming handshake and hug..."What's Up Big Dogg!", he emphatically greets.  Typically, Lem is training on-site at his facility, but because of today's group size, we are meeting at the local park.  Lem proceeds to introduce me to 15 or so junior college & high school football prospects, all getting ready for their upcoming season.  From the introductions alone, I quickly assess that Lem is truly a man of the people, and is keen on giving back to the community.  Lem gave me the heads up that we'd be working with some of the top division 1 college prospects in the Sacramento area that day.  As the workout got started, I quickly learned why he said that.  

Lem definitely trains some of the top wide receivers and defensive backs in the Sacramento and Central Valley area...at all levels.  During the training session, I also witnessed the comrade Lem has with his athletes, and the relationship that the athletes have with each other.  The Game-Fit training method has a way of getting the athletes to bond and push each other to reach their highest potential.  

Lem is a scientist with his training method as he catches every detail, constantly coaching and encouraging.  The athletes really listen to Lem, making adjustments as he coaches them up.  The workout starts with footwork training, speed work, and position-specific technique drills.  After getting all of the players to break a sweat, they roll into 1-on-1 drills to get the juices flowing.  Then they go into a 7-on-7 format.

Once a pro quarterback in the Arena Football League, Lem takes the wide receivers and defensive backs through live situations in 7-on-7 scrum.  You can see the former quarterback come to life as he pushes his athletes to make reads on both the offensive and defensive sides during the 7-on-7 segment.  Towards the end of the training session, one of his best wide receivers and defensive backs start to challenge each other, leading to an impromptu 1-on-1 battle for bragging rights.  Lem calmly runs quarterback for the session as the energy picks up and more wide receivers and defensive backs join in.  This leads to an extra half hour of work for all the athletes...a true picture of the culture Lem and Game-Fit has created...a culture of simply competing and getting better.  

Watch a snippet of the session below. Message us if you want details on any players!

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