Professional DB Coach Teaches How Cornerbacks Should Use Their Eyes

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Coaches Corner

Written by Victor Rogers

Some times we as defensive backs make bad decisions with our eyes, and we get caught with looking in the backfield or looking at the wrong thing!

My coaching tip as a hedge to getting caught with bad eyes in the situation highlighted in the above video, is to hold the wide receivers chest plate with my right hand, as I check the backfield, not letting his jersey go, just in case the wide receiver ran off.

Yes, tactic may get called for pass interference, however, he would have not scored a touchdown.  Your coach would much rather receive a penalty and a new set of downs, than give the opposing team 6 points!  

You have to make a heady play in this situation, and my coaching tip is to go with the tactic that will not give up an points.  

What are your thoughts, coaches?  

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