Speed Progression Workout

Sponsored by  LoudMouthGuards

Sponsored by LoudMouthGuards

Coach John Walker explains and demonstrates a speed mechanics workout to do in order to help you develop the proper form to increase your overall speed on the football field.  Watch this video and do these speed drills a couple times a week to help increase your overall foot speed.  This drills is great for all positions, including offensive and defensive linemen.  

These speed drills are super simple and you can do them anywhere you have an open field.  Remember to focus on your arm placement to help you with your power and speed turnover.  Drive your elbows and be sure to gain ground when running.  

As Coach Walker explains in the video, it's important that you cover ground when sprinting.  The more power that you drive into the ground, the more ground that you will cover and the faster you will be running.  Do not waste power while sprinting by not covering as much ground as possible with each running stride.  

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