Uncoventional Off-Season Training Helps Corona Centennial Succeed

The off-season is all about getting better.  Many programs apply different methods to give there athletes an edge during the off-season, but few programs apply the type of training methods that many football players are using to develop their strength and conditioning during the off-season.

Led by coach Dennis Jackson at Get It Done Sports Arena in Corona, CA, 20 to 25 Centennial players, along with players from other high schools, link up every Monday, Wednesday & Friday afternoons to put themselves through grueling warrior-type workouts to prepare their bodies for the upcoming football season.  The athletes switch it up between circuit weight training and un-conventional drills on the outdoor turf area.  

Among the athletes is 4-star recruit Drake Jackson from Corona Centennial, who often takes the lead in many of the drills most athletes have never seen before.  Drake has outstanding collegiate offers from USC, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, UCLA, & Oregon, to name a few.  

Sponsored by  LoudMouthGuards

Sponsored by LoudMouthGuards

It's a great competitive environment where the athletes still find time to laugh & joke with each other despite the gut-wrenching workouts put together by Coach Dennis Jackson.  The sessions last for about 2 hours long and always end with some tear-jerking core workouts.  

Learn more about Coach Dennis Jackson & Get It Done Sports Arena here


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