How To Dominate Your Opponent

In your order to dominate your opponent in your competitive environment, it is important that you play with a level of urgency that is higher than your opponent's intensity level.  The best way to develop this urgency is to attack every repetition in your practice sessions as if you are in a game setting.  If you are doing footwork and ladder drills, make sure that you attack each repetition as if you were playing in a game.  If you are simply catching passes, make sure that you tuck the football properly each time as if you were securing the ball during a catch on gameday.  As an athlete, it is the detail in your repetitions that helps set you apart from your opponent. 

An athlete's ability to consistently make his opponent uncomfortable will, over time, give him/her an edge on gameday.  Coach John Walker ("Jay-Walk"), in the video above, does a great job of expressing this point with his athletes.  Coach Jay-Walk has two NCAA championship rings as a Athlete on the USC Trojans legendary teams with Reggie Bush & Matt Leinart, and he also played seasons in the NFL with the Houston Texans.