Proper Bail Technique For Cornerbacks

Coach Victor Rogers from The DB Lab shows us how to use the bail technique as a cornerback.  Coach Victor Rogers has coached several top defensive back prospects, include 5-star high school prospect Chris Steele.

The bail technique is often used for the cornerback position during defenses using Cover 3 and Cover 4.  The goal of this technique is for cornerbacks to keep offensive plays in front of them and not allow for the wide receiver, or any other player, to complete the deep pass downfield.  The defensive back is to not let anything get behind him, while reading the quarterback's eyes.  

Coaches often call cover 3 and cover 4 in prevent defense scenarios where they want to keep everything underneath with defensive run support.  A key component of playing a solid bail technique is in reading the quarterback's eyes while watching the receiver in zone coverage to allow for timely breaks on the ball to make a play.  Defensive backs should use great footwork and practice reading keys to allow for great execution during game play!  

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