Muscle Explosion Needed For Speed

Hello to all my athletes, this second article will explain in detail about muscle explosion as it applies to speed. Muscle explosion correlates with stride frequency.

Muscle explosion is key to a quick start, get off, or vertical leap. There are many exercises that can help your muscle explosion. The exercises that will be mentioned are applicable to all sports. However it tends to favor athletes who play sports that require a substantial amount of EXPLOSION!

As an All-Conference, All-American sprinter in college, I discovered three exercises that are profound in performing for speed. The first, and my favorite exercise is power cleans. This compound Olympic lift activates every muscle in your body if PERFORMED correctly. 

The second exercise is hang cleans, another Olympic lift. This compound lift works the entire trapezius muscle, which, apart from popping up out of your shirt collar (the only portion of the muscle you hit with the shrug), extends down to the center of your back and helps you lift more weight on rows, chin ups, and deadlifts. Which can help your arm swing in sprinting, or jumping!! 

The third exercise is snatch cleans and jerk. The snatch and the clean and jerk are difficult lifts. To do them safely takes a lot of flexibility, speed, and power. If PERFORMED correctly it will help tremendously with your start and quickness. The snatch clean and jerk work the same muscles power cleans do. The only difference is power cleans start from the floor, hang cleans start from off the floor. 

Broad jumps, box jumps, bounding, cutting, leaping, jump tucks, lateral jumps, plyo push ups, pull ups, tire flips can help your muscle explosion. To possess speed as an athlete, you have to tap into all your muscles to be able to fly like the WIND! 

Try these exercises I mentioned in the article! YOUR MUSCLE EXPLOSION WILL INCREASE AND YOU WILL GET FASTER. Good luck to you all and go get it. The speed is all yours.

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