Building Your Body like A Football Player


A football player must develop his body depending on the position he plays. A player can be “lean” if he plays wide receiver to help with speed on the field or “muscular” if he is a linebacker to overpower his opponent. Football is a very physical sport, and you need to develop your body to take a pounding playing such a physically demanding sport. You need to build a body that has strength, muscle and agility if you want to shine in football!

Here are some tips on how you can develop your body just like a football player:

  1. Off season is a perfect time for a football player to increase their muscle mass. You can try doing body lifts like bench press. Bench press uses a lot of different muscle groups like shoulders, arms, back and pecs. You can also try doing deadlifts, jumps squats, power clean to work every muscle in your body.

  2. Plyometric exercises are a good way to improve your explosion, power, and core strength.  By developing your core strength, you can increase your power when delivering tackles or breaking them.

  3. Sprinting and agility drills will improve your speed, agility and precision. To help develop speed, you can do wind sprints (put cones at different distances and sprint from cone to cone).  To help develop agility, you can try using an agility ladder to practice fast footwork & coordination.

  4. It is very important to give your body enough time to recover. Your muscles won’t develop without proper time to recover. Exercising breaks down your muscles, but giving your body enough time to rest will make your muscles stronger.

  5. Eat right and increase your protein intake - your diet needs to be rich in protein to help develop your muscles. Protein is an essential fuel for the development of your muscles.