Mater Dei Wins An Epic Battle Against IMG Academy - High School Football

With over 40 NCAA Division 1 commits on the field Friday night, this was easily one of the best high school football games in California history to date. The epic game between Mater Dei High School and IMG Academy came down to the final 30 seconds, when IMG failed to convert on a final 4th down attempt. Mater Dei edged out IMG 28-24. 

Mater Dei High School of Santa Ana, CA linked up with IMG Academy from Bradenton, FL at the historic Santa Ana Stadium. Both touting solid national reputations - the Mater Dei Monarchs, a perennial football powerhouses in high school football versus IMG Academy, known for consistently producing top NCAA Division 1 talent in the country over the last decade.  

The Monarchs were led by the offensive play of Bryce Young, Bru McCoy, Sean Dollars, Shakobe Harper, Mike Martinez and Myles Murao.  Bryce Young connected with Lineman Myles Murao on a late game trick-play that helped the Monarchs tie the game up 21-21 in the fourth quarter.  

Stellar play on Monarchs defense by Junior cornerback Elias Ricks, Seniors William Nimmo, Keyon Ware-Hudson limited the IMG offensive attack to a 3-point field goal before the Monarchs offense drove back down the field. After an awesome catch by Bru McCoy deep in IMG territory, Bryce Young (QB) punched it in the end zone with less than two minutes in the game. IMG then turned the ball over allowing the Monarchs to regain possession and countdown to the win.