Top 5 Aaron Rodgers Touchdowns Of All Time

aaron rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is arguably on the list of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. After having a stellar college career at UC Berkeley with the California Bears, he slipped in the draft to the 24th pick - even though he thought he would be picked #1 overall (the San Francisco 49ers instead selected Alex Smith out of Utah). Boy did the 49ers miss out on this gem!

We decided to go through the archives and rank some of his best touchdowns of all time. Watch these highlights and let us know what you think.


#5: 4th Down Conversion + TD Run

During the 2016 season, after an incredible 4th down conversion to Randall Cobb, Aaron Rodgers scoots into the end zone with a 20 yard touchdown run to pull ahead of the Tennessee Titans.


#4: 2nd Hail Mary Pass

Against the Arizona Cardinals, Aaron Rodgers gave us an incredible Hail Mary Touchdown Pass in the last 5 seconds of the game. (2016 Season)


#3: 6 Touchdowns In One Half!

During the 2014 season, Aaron Rodgers absolutely balled out with 6 touchdowns in one half against the Chicago Bears.


#2: 48 YD Bomb To Randall Cobb

During the 2013 season, Aaron Rodgers connects with Randall Cobb yet again on this 48 yd TD pass to win over the Chicago Bears.


#1: First Touchdown Pass In NFL

Of course this list has to include Aaron Rodger’s first ever touchdown pass in the NFL against the Cincinnati Bengals. The receiver took a vicious hit and lost his helmet, but still managed to get into the end zone.

Let us know down in the comments what you think!


*Bonus Touchdown

Although this was not a regular season game, this touchdown pass to Randall Cobb was amazing as it helped the Packers pull ahead for the win against the Chicago Bears in preseason.