How to Use Social Media for Recruiting

Usually when social media and sports cross paths, the articles typically focus on negativity because from poor social media choices. However, when social media is used properly, it can be a GREAT recruiting tool. Student athletes can use the power of social media to contact coaches, display to coaches what type of student athlete they are, and most importantly, gain the attention of coaches who weren’t previously recruiting them.

While your first instinct maybe to set your accounts to private, if you are trying to get recruited your (Instagram) account should be public. You may want to make it easy for coaches to find you and eliminate any uncertainty or lack of information.

Coach’s love assertiveness, and since not everyone is a 5 star recruit, you should go the extra mile and send coaches email messages.  In these email messages, include who you are as a student athlete, why you’re a good fit for their program, and also your social media handle. Your social media pages should highlight your accomplishments, but stay humble.  Coaches can be turned off by a student athlete that's always bragging about how great they are. To help avoid bragging, student athletes can mention their achievements in a posts by thanking teammates, coaches and parents for their support!

Follow, like, comment on the athletic program(s) you’re interested in as this will help you keep tabs on your target organization(s). You can use the programs' social media content as a conversation starter when you’re reaching out to a coach. Coaches want to know that you’re genuinely interested in their program, and staying “up to date” is a great way to show you’ve done your homework. In addition to the head coach - use social media to research the programs strength and conditioning coaches, trainers, assistant coaches and follow, like, comment on their pages as well.

Be careful of what types of pictures you are posting or have posted long ago!  You do not want to implicate yourself or give a coach a bad impression of you because of one silly Instagram post!  Be smart and be scrappy!