Kyle Shanahan Says The Read Option Has Infinite Possibilities For Your Offense

San Francisco 49ers Coach Kyle Shanahan gave us the perfect answer when he was asked if defenses have figured out the zone read offense. 

He states, "If you recall basketball, in the Nineties, you remember the Utah Jazz, Karl Malone, & John Stockton's unstoppable pick-and-roll offense.  The Utah Jazz offensive strategy was very difficult to defend due to the pick-an-roll infinite possibilities against the defense's reaction".  

If you prepare for the number of reactions that a defense could have, you will naturally be more prepared at executing the offense against each defense due to the amount of hours you spend on execution. The Read Option can execute and operate the same way. The Read Option all comes down to execution and how prepared you are for each defensive reaction.  

Watch the whole video and let us know what you think of the read option!