C/O 2022 Quincy Craig Has Been Putting In Work 🔥

8th grader Quincy Craig is going to be a force once he makes it to high school.  We first met Quincy blazing up the turf at Real Speed Sports & Fitness Academy in Anaheim, CA.  Quincy had the fastest overall times at the Middle School Phenom camp with a 4.7s 40 yard dash and 4.39s 5-10-5 pro shuttle run.  Quincy, also known as just "Q" at the camp, was blazing through all of the drills during skill play and turning coaches heads with his intensity and hustle.  

During live competition, Quincy really stood out by getting as many repetitions as possible and flying to the ball.  His aggressive play as a defensive back was extremely disruptive to the wide receivers and quarterbacks during 1-on-1s.  During the Shake Drill, offensive players were having quite the time trying to get past him, and he let it be known with his presence if he was able to get his hands on the ball runner.  We are excited to see what Quincy has in store for his high school years!  Will this Middle School Phenom be a Trinity League baller next year?