Wide Receiver Drills For Better Break Releases 👣

Post sponsored by  LoudMouthGuards

Post sponsored by LoudMouthGuards

In these videos we have Coach Karif Byrd going through several wide receiver drills to help receivers better come in and out of their breaks and releases while running routes.  Coach Karif Byrd played wide receiver at the University of Georgia and a few years professionally in the US and overseas.  These series of wide receiver footwork drills are great for athletes at all levels.  You can do these football drills at home or with your teammates on a football field.  

Make sure to drop your hips at each appropriate point as changing pad level at the receiver position gives you an advantage against the defensive back when coming in and out of your break releases.  Defensive backs typically react to a change pad level by the receiver, and as such dropping your hips gives you an advantage against the cornerback or safety position.  

When doing these drills make sure that your feet and arms are moving in a rhythmic pattern.  You do not want your arms and feet to be moving at different speeds.  Slow down your pace when doing these footwork drills if that helps you better catch a rhythm.  This series of receiver drills typically takes about one full hour to complete.  Make sure to get your reps in!  😤

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