Georgia Bulldogs Defensive Line Drills

All defensive coordinators know that a good defense starts with the defensive line.  Whoever controls the line of scrimmage will ultimately control the game.  This is why having a strong defensive line is very important to solidify your defense.  We came across this gem from the Georgia Bulldogs defensive line coach and their practice.  In this 30+ min video, you can see all of the drills that the Georgia Bulldogs defensive linemen go through to prepare them for the dog fight in the SEC trenches. 

The SEC conference is known to put defensive linemen into the NFL so clearly the schools in the SEC know how to prepare these defensive warhogs for the next level. Any defensive line coach can model their practice after this video.

Here are a set of drills that the video goes through. 

  • Strike Launch - this drill is effective in getting defensive players to come out of their stance and closing the neutral zone.

  • Full Post Lockout - this is a combination drill taking into effect the strike launch drill to help the defensive player used to creating space with the offensive lineman. 

  • Down The Hash - this drill is a reaction drill to help train the defensive end to beat the guy to the spot.

  • Steering Drill - this drill is to keep the defensive line maintain leverage with the offensive player as he’s reading the backfield to keep from getting washed.

  • Get Off Drill - this drill is to help the players develop explosion off the ball while creating some competitive juices.

  • Hand Drills - this drill is to help with hand placement technique to keep from getting locked up with the offensive linemen.

  • Rings - this drill is to keep the defensive lineman getting around an edge tight without creating too much space.  Great drill for edge rushers. 

  • Pen and Punch - this drill is effective for creating turnovers with the defensive line. 

There are several more defensive line drills in this video, but these were just a few that jumped out to us in helping to prepare your defensive line for battle.