How To Throw A Perfect Spiral

Great quarterbacks make it easy for their receivers to catch the ball. And that starts with a good, clean spiral. The better the spiral, the farther you can throw the football. Here are 3 tips to throw the perfect pass:

Finger placement

Make sure the middle finger is placed directly on the white ring, below the laces. The thumb should be on the opposite side of the football. Then put your ring finger and pinkie on the laces. The index finger will provide stability.

Body positioning

You should point your forward shoulder toward the player. When you’re ready to throw, step directly at your target. Remember that the target is not necessarily where the receiver is, but where he’s going to be. That is the point of reception.


As you throw the ball, make sure to roll your hand over and finish the throw toward your opposite thigh. Your index finger is used for control, so it should be the last finger to touch the ball. Have a smooth, complete follow through, making sure to watch the ball travel to your point of reception.

If you follow the above steps, you’ll be throwing a spiral in no time. Find a friend or a parent and start practicing. The more you grind, the better you’ll be. For more tips and videos, join Best Football Workouts.