The Secrets to a Faster 40-Yard Dash Time


A player's 40-yard dash time is probably one of the most quoted stats when recruiters are evaluating high school football prospects.  That said, while a player's 40-yard dash time is not the only measure of a player's potential at the next level, it is good to focus on your 40 time since it is a drill that recruiters and scout use to measure a player's ability to play at the next level.  The good news is that simple practice can help you develop a faster 40-yard dash time.  Read below 3 of my suggestions to help lower your 40-yard dash time .

Assume and explosive stance

Start as close as you can to the starting line with your left foot on the line.  Put your left hand on the line about 4 inches to the side of your left foot.  Put your right knee on the ground to directly align with the instep of your left foot.  This will depend on your comfort level so adjust accordingly.  Be comfortable.  To get in your stance, raise your hips and hold your right arm at a 90-degree angle (make an "L").  Look back between your legs and then launch! (you should hold this position no longer than 2 seconds as tension will build and you will lose power).  *If your left leg is your stronger leg then mirror this position*

Take an Explosive First Step

As soon as you move the clock starts so you don't want to waste any movement. As soon as your hand comes off the ground explode from your power leg, driving it into the ground.  Drive your opposite arm too and drive your legs for the first 10 yards.  (Imagine you trying to drive your knees to your chest.  You won't knee your chest, but this will lead to an explosive first 10 yards.  

Run Through The Line

Many athletes are running slower 40 times because they are not finishing strong.  Once you reach your top speed plan to run at LEAST 10 yards past the finish line.  Make sure that you are running at full speed for the entire run.  Do not let up.

You Get Better (and Faster) with Practice!

Believe it or not, running the 40-yard dash is a skill.  I have seen naturally fast players run a much slower than expected 40 time.  This means that you can get better with practice.  Get in the habit of doing at least 10 extra 40 yard sprints after practice.  This will not only help with your conditioning, but it will get your body very used to running the race.  

I can teach you more training tips and secrets like these.  Learn more about  training system here.