Get Your Man-Coverage & Route Running On Point 🔥🏈 Team Elevate Valley 1-ON-1 Showdown | Stockton, CA

On July 22nd, Team ELEVATE & partners are coming together for the 2nd annual 1-on-1 showdown in Stockton, CA at Delta Valley College.  This is event is designed to help athletes better develop their man coverage and route running skills.  Last year we had wide receivers, defensive backs, running backs, and quarterbacks, youth level to junior college, from all over Northern California show up at Delta Valley College to showcase their skills.  

The event will start with a dynamic warm-up, followed by footwork & agility drills.  The athletes will transition into position work prior to the 1-on-1 showdown.  Top performers will be recognized and there will be coaches & writers in attendance.  Take advantage of this opportunity this year and show the people that you have what it takes to make plays!