9 Y/O Kid Runs A Blazing 20 MPH 🏃💨

We received this awesome clip of young Colton Smith blazing on a speed treadmill while working to rehab a recent injury.  Do you think that you can run this fast???  Colton's coach shared that he has been waiting patiently and rehabbing his injury, all while being extremely hungry to strengthen and get better. In the above clip, his coach shared that he is 6 weeks into his recovery, slowly building up to being back to normal. 

His first day back running, Colton told Coach Pete Taylor (Sean Taylor’s father) he wanted to work to get to 20MPH. Coach Pete said he would work with him to get him there by August 1st. Six weeks into recovery, he was able to gain ground on the treadmill at 18.3MPH at a .5 incline. After that, they did short, 3 second sprints at 19.1MPH then 20MPH making his personal best goal. He has not dominated it, yet. But, he is hungry! We love Colton's work ethic!  Way to encourage him Coach!  🗣@viv_smitty @salthunter #YouCantTeachHeart